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We provide digital art training in Boundary County, located in beautiful Bonners Ferry, Idaho. We have limited seats, so please apply.


Welcome to Vigilante Studios

Serving North Idaho and Beyond.

At Vigilante Studios we strive to provide excellent service to our clients in Graphic Design, Illustration, Web Design, and 3D arts. In addition, we are is set up to to train the new generation of Digital artists in North Idaho.

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Graphic Services

We build and format graphics

Whether you are a large or small company we can deliver your graphic design and branding needs.

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What We Do?

We work with all kinds of people to find solutions to fullfill their graphic needs.

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Graphic Design

We design graphics of all types - large and small.

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We create various high quality illustrations for clients worldwide.

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We teach digital illustration, design, 3D modelling and animation.

Have You Seen Our Work?

Here are a few samples of the kind of work we do.  

project 1

Dr. Nancy Fox Website

ClientDr. Nancy Fox
DateJuly 2015
SkillsHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Wix

Along with illustrating several Dr.Nancy Fox children's books, we designed and developed this small website. Dr. Nancy Fox is a leader in Lyme Disease Education and Prevention.

project 2

Cover Illustration

DateDec 1999
SkillsPen and Ink, Digital Illustration
Linkno longer availabe

This is old art but was one of the first illustration pieces done for a magazine cover in the Silicon Valley

project 3

Absolute Exterior Logo

ClientAbsolute Exterior
DateJuly 2008
SkillsDigital Illustration, Vector Graphics
Link -

Along with the Absolute Exterior branding for advertising, trucks, and other material, we designed a variety of logo treatment. This is one of them.

project 4

Quickly™ Website

ClientQuickly™ Series
SkillsHTML, CSS, JavaScript, integrated to Wix

Along with design, layout, and illustration to many books, we put together a website for the products.

project 5

Illustration for Earth Juice™ Label

ClientHydro-Organics: Earth Juice™
DateJuly 2010
SkillsDigital Illustration

This is one of the many illustrations done for Earth Juice™ for their product labels. Check out there website to see more of our product illustrations.

project 6

KRBC Brew Labels

ClientKootenai River Brewing Co.
DateApril 2015
SkillsRaster and Vector Illustration

These graphic labels were created for Kootenai River Brewing Co. A handful of graphics were completed, and some have been posted on their site that are unfinished. Guess they look good half way done to some folks! That could be a compliment.

project 7

Moulage Concepts

ClientMoulage Concepts
SkillsHTML, CSS, Wix

Having worked with Moulage Concepts for several years, this website has gone through various stages of design and development.

project 8

Percy: The Perfectly Imperfect Chicken

ClientPercy Learning Farms
DateApril 2009
SkillsDigital Illustration, Layout, Book Design

This is a full color children's book illustrated in digital format. Along with the detailed illustrations, layout, and pre-press were included in the service for Rick Rieser, the author and owner of Percy Learning Farms LLC.

project 9

Book Cover Designs

ClientVarious Clients
DateUp until 2019
SkillsIllustration, Layout
Linknone available

We could easily fill this website with book covers alone, having been designing covers since 2001. If you would like to see more, drop us a note. Here are two covers featured at Barnes and Noble.

  • project 1

    Dr. Nancy Fox Website 

    An easy to use client website

  • project 2

    Magazine Cover

    Illustration for SiliconIndia™

  • project 3

    Contruction Logo

    Logo and Effect Treatment.

  • project 4

    Quickly™ Website

    An easy to use client website

  • project 5

    Earth Juice™ Illustration

    One of many labels

  • project 6

    Brew Labels

    Kootenai River Brewing Co.  

  • project 7

    Moulage Concepts Website

    A larger website with online store 

  • project 8


    Illustrated Children's Book 

  • project 9

    Book Cover Design

    Two of many covers  

Who We Are?

We are a small group of artists who work together to accomplish projects and help facilitate and train a new generation of artists.  We specialize in all forms of digital art with a growing emphasis in real time 3D arts. 

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We continuie to create, despite the hardhsip and the return value.
All things that are awesome rarely come from seeking fortune.  

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 When you learn enough it's time to teach.  

team 1



If you are ready, it's time to get with some folks who can help show you the ropes 
 so you can build something amazing.    

About Us

Vigilante Studios is an arts organization that produces creative projects while training and serving the community.

What we do best

  • Graphic Design

  • Illustration

  • Web 

  • 3D Art

We're here for you.

Vigilante Studios is here to serve your graphic needs in design, illustration, and web site development while providing training in 3D modeling, animation,  and real time interactive arts.  If you would like our service or training, please contact us.

We have displayed few projects here.  Would you like to see more work?  Click below to visit vigilanteproductions.net       


What Client Say?

We work hard to satisfy our customers and find solutions to their needs.

"Dan Seward (Vigilante Studios) helps us reflect the highest level of professionalism in our productions. In addition to great work, Dan delivers on time and is an absolute pleasure to work with. I recommend Dan with confidence every opportunity I get.” "

client 1 Torrey Sharp Principal, Faceout Films

"Dan Seward  has a great attitude and is willing to take on any job he’s assigned, shows lots of initiative and brings enthusiasm to his work. He’s done an excellent job for us, and I’m sure he will apply his abilities and positive attitude to any job or endeavor he undertakes.

client 2 Chris Bessler Keokee Creative 

I needed interior and cover graphics for my book, Snowboard Wisdom, and Dan nailed the job! All I had to do was give him a list of the chapter names and a vague description of what I wanted on the cover and he created artwork that perfectly complimented the book.

client 3 Nick Appl Author

C.S. Lewis


We currently offer three types of workshops.  Digital Illustration, Graphic Design, and 3D Arts. 
For up-to-date info and availabilty, plase click a link below.
We will be adding Game Production workshop soon . 


  • Digital Illustration
    On Screen Illustration
  • 1 Day Workshop
    9am-6pm / 1 hr lunch 12-1pm.
  • Various Workshops
    Using professional tech, learn to draw digitally and produce a piece of art.   


  • Vector Art Design
    Graphic Design
  • 1 Day Workshop
    9am-6pm / 1 hr lunch 12-1pm.
  • Various Workshops
    Learn to design, construct, and digitally produce various vector art.

3D Art

  • 3D modeling
    Basic 3D Modeling
  • 2 Day Workshop
    9am-6pm / 1 hr lunch 12-1pm
  • Various Workshops
    Learn to model, sculpt, and texture in 3D space using Blender™.


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Our main office is at 1333 Superior Street, Sandpoint, Idaho

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